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Fire up!

Half a million years ago, either by design or by accident, humans began to cook meat over fire – and we’ve been grilling ever since! In fact, grilling has become one of our most universally enjoyed human experiences. We grill year round, from the East Coast to the West Coast, shoveling snow, swatting flies, huddled under umbrellas, whatever heroics required to keep the fires stoked.

Grillin’-opoly is a game celebrating this fiery phenomenon. Players buy favorite grillin’ properties, then increase their property value by collecting Briquets, and trading them in for Propane Tanks. It sounds easy enough, but lose your License to Grill, have to kiss the cook, or get sent to Burnt to a Crisp, and it becomes a little more difficult…and a lot more fun!

So advance to Fire Up! Who knows! You may soon be designated “Natural Born Griller,” – or you may be diggin’ your burned dog out of the pit! Whatever happens, Grillin’-opoly is a rare treat for all who appreciate


    Item#: LS-GRIL

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