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About Us

About Our Company:

Man Cave Plus, LLC was founded in early 2011. Our main product lines at the time were the licensed pub tables and bar stools. After quickly becoming successful with those product lines and with many referrals from satisfied customers, we began to receive requests for more products. On a regular basis we were asked to offer a larger inventory with a wider selection. Our customers wanted the ability to finish their Man Caves and Game Rooms using the quality products we could provide with the customer service and guarantee that comes with every purchase. Since we value each and every one of our customers, we set out to find the products they wanted. As our inventory has grown tremendously since our first catalog, so has our small business as a whole. We are able to provide our customers with one-on-one attention to ensure they find the products they want and need for their space. 

Nearly two years ago this business was founded on three basic ideas. Quality, Dependability and Customer Service. These three ideas have provided us with a strong foundation and the ability to grow. And we have grown, not only in numbers but also in reputation. We have been told that we are the "best place to shop" on the internet time and time again. While we love these comments, and we do take them as compliments, it also drives us to work harder and give more to our customers each day.

One of the best things about our business is the opportunities we get to meet new people each day. Our customers come from all walks of life and each person is as unique as the space they are looking to decorate. From commercial auto shops, to sports bars, to home garages and basements, we deal with awesome people every day. Our product lines are a great choice for any place you need a personalized feel or a unique look.

When you shop with Man Cave Plus, LLC the only thing you will regret is that you didn't shop with us sooner. And we PROMISE you that!  


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