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100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Don't like it? Send it back! No hassle, no questions...just send it back!

When you shop online, do you ever wonder if you're going to receive a product that is actually what the website says is? Have you been the victim of buying a 'high quality' this that or the other thing, only to have your purchase fall apart in your hands as you take it out of the box? Or open the box and say to yourself, "Man, this thing isn't worth a third of what I paid." Now, usually the store's return policy is "NO RETURNS!"

Here's the deal with Man Cave Plus, there is no need to worry about whether or not your going to be getting the quality product you think you've just purchased. First of all, we only sell products that we know are made with quality and built to last. MOST of our products are made right here in the USA, not built overseas and sent over on a boat or plane. No, they were built right here. Secondly, if you open your item and feel that maybe it's not quite what you expected, give us a call or shoot us an email and tell us you want to send it back. It's no problem...we want our customers to be as happy to receive, and use, the products as we are to sell them the product knowing that they will enjoy the purchase for years to come. 

Earlier I mentioned that MOST of our products were made in the USA. There are some items that are made overseas. Still...we have chosen our inventory very carefully and only sell products from companies that have high standards and ratings. These companies have been in business a long time and there's a reason why. It's because they're products are worth the money and built to last.

Bottom line here is, if you don't like what you bought, send it back! You have 60 days to decide. How can you beat that? Happy customers are the reason we keep coming to work. They are also the reason we WANT to come to work and that's something we can be proud of. We appreciate everything our customers do for us and only hope that we can return the favor by selling items that bring lasting enjoyment to them and their homes.

For any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us at: customerservice@mancaveplus.com or 1-888-238-6151 

1-Year Limited Warranty

Man Cave Plus, LLC will warranty any product we sell that is found to have a manufacturing defect. If at any time within the first year your purchase fails to operate or withstand normal use, we will repair or replace your product for no charge. However, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs involved in sending the product to us for evaluation as well as the cost of shipping the new or replaced item back to the customer. Whether an item is to be repaired or replaced is dependant upon the condition of the item as it arrives for evaluation. If an item has excessive wear and tear, has not been properly maintained or shows indication of abuse, we have the authority not to offer any repair or replacement for the product. In the event that the warrantied item is no longer available or has been discontinued, a comparable item will be offered as a replacement. All decisions made regarding repair or replacement of a defective item will be the sole discretion of Man Cave Plus, LLC.

*Exclusions to 1-Year Limited Warranty: Neon Signs and Neon Sculptures are limited to a 90 Day Warranty due to the nature of the product and will not be considered for repair or replacement after the 90 days.  

For more information or clarification regarding the policies on this page, please contact our Customer Service Department via: Email - customerservice@mancaveplus.com or Phone - 1-888-238-6151

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